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Touch Collection

I couldn’t resist showcasing this collection in this gallery setting, it’s so cool and reflects the vibe of SuperAint London.

The bags featured here are part of the Touch Collection and feeling is believing. I have literally had customers put bags on their heads or walk around with hands in these stunning pieces, hand muff style! Ironically, the original reason for making the Touch Collection with a fur and sheepskin interiors was far less emotive.

As a technology professional always on the move I wanted a bag that was less formal than a laptop bag to throw my beloved technology into quickly and be confident it would be protected by gorgeous material. I personally handpicked the materials to make sure I achieved this, and I love the results, I hope you do.

What Our Customers Say

I bought this bag at the fantastic SuperAint launch and am so glad I did. Wonderful hand selected leather workmanship

I love the fact that I own one of only two of these beautiful bags every made. It makes me feel so special.

Treat Yourself

We love our products to be touched and experienced it’s what SuperAint is about, but as so many customers and followers have asked to view and purchase our gems online I have selected a few of my favorite pieces from the Clutch Touch Collections for you, Just remember everything we make or curate is intentionally a limited edition, once they are gone, well you know the rest….I’ll select some Totes for you next, ok

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Ha! where do we start…

…How long have you got? Should we just make this a call with a coffee and a muffin? Because this whole “About” bit could take a while. The SuperAint London brand is the creative outlet of founder and CEO Bunmi Durowoju, a technology and business strategist with a love for the unusual, a flare for design and dynamism to breathe life into pretty much anything. We create and curate collections for clientele who love that “Oooo I’ve got one of only a few of these” feeling. It’s a feeling that reflects their, unique selves, peppered with a ton of swagger! and is everything SuperAint London represents.