Intrapreneur? Are you one?

Okay full disclosure when I decided to write this blog I thought I knew what an “Intrapreneur” was I thought it was somebody like me, running a business whilst working as a professional and living her best life.

When I researched the qualities of an “Intrapreneur” I discovered it was nothing of the sort (at least it was a real word, my husband thought I’d spelt entrepreneur wrong or was just making stuff up…again!).

Never one to waste a learning opportunity I dug into the world of the intrapreneur. “…a person who takes on the responsibility to innovate new ideas, products and processes or any new invention within the organization. Intrapreneurs are individuals who are dedicated to their companies but also have the fiery passion and creativity of  entrepreneurs I love this person who is able to work within an organisation operating with an entrepreneurial mindset to deliver strategies, very cool. Coming from the corporate world I know this is no small feat particularly if there is resistance or a closed mentality.  

In the meantime, I’m convinced there is a “Somethingpreneur” out there, describing that person who is getting an indulgent, empowering, fulfilling buzz from doing their own thing exactly the way THEY want whilst navigating a rewarding professional career. Who knows this may be where the crop of talented Intrapreneurs come from. Either way, anyone who can bring the fast twitch, agile energy to a large corporation and instigate change, is without a doubt a friend of SuperAint London.

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